En Croix

French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃ kʁwɑ]; meaning ‘in the shape of a cross.

Term often used during barre exercises to indicate that a step is done to the front, to the side, to the back, and then again to the side (as in the shape of a cross), finishing closed in either first or fifth position.

Allison D’Auteuil

Allison D’Auteuil


Allison D’Auteuil was formerly the Director of the Young Dancer program at the Ballet Academy of Texas, teaching the young and young at heart. For over 25 years she has taught Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Lyrical,  and Liturgical Dance. She was previously the Dance Program Director for Sonshine Academy in Conway, Arkansas. She holds a Masters degree from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University as well as an undergrad degree in Psychology and Sociology from Hendrix College. Allison has pursed integrative studies of dance physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing and connection.  She is a certified instructor through Level Three in American Ballet Theatre’s National Training Curriculum and holds accreditation/certification from many other dance curriculums. Allison is also co-founder of TeamMercy.org a 50c3 charity supporting siblings after child loss. Allison and her family live in Lewisville, TX.

Teaching Goals

Provide Engaging, Educational, and Foundation building classes for a lifetime of learning and dancing.

Teaching Experience

Over 23 years teaching Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, and Hip Hop. American Ballet Theatre Beginning – Level 3 certified teacher. PBT certified instructor.

Teaching Philosophy

Everybody can move. Life is dance; in which the doing is far more important than reaching the end.   ~Allan Watts via Lori Dorn

En Croix Movement instills a lifetime love and passion for dance. Teaching foundational skills for all dance forms, empowering students to exponentially grow and succeed.